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Oct, 2017




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Green Bee Life

With the legalization of cannabis, markets and opportunities are flourishing. How do you grow a brand in this environment?

Green Bee Life is a lifestyle brand that markets its products or services to embody the interests, attitudes, and opinions of premium cannabis users and aficionados.

To build a larger audience for the brand, GBL operates a news and information website and online TV channel, using cutting-edge technology to offer unique and credible

cannabis-themed content. It has creative means of growing viewership despite advertising and promotional limitations related to cannabis. And by doing so, it offers an advertising channel for cannabis industry players with limited access to other advertising channels.

At the core of its mission, Green Bee Life aims at upgrading the cannabis industry image by educating and informing the public, while entertaining. Its video programming is integrated to an advanced interactive eCommerce and link referral system to provide more value to advertisers and sponsors.

The Green Bee Life brand was built from the ground up to appeal to a wide audience. They wanted to distance themselves from the often pervasive image of stoners and addicts, and instead position themselves as accessible, safe, and socially responsible. With the ever growing market that encompasses both recreational and medicinal use, our challenge was to showcase the brand in a light that related far more to a “Martha Stewart” aesthetic than to a “Snoop Dog” one.

The approach was successful, and gave Green Bee stand out recognition in an emerging market. We took a comprehensive approach, including printed materials, website, environmental graphics, social media, and clothing.