Feb, 2021


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When you need premium live webcasts capable of reaching employee audiences on a massive scale, who do you turn to?

MediaPlatform is best known for delivering premium live broadcasts for Fortune 500 companies. Their original software platform “Webcaster” was slated for decommissioning in 2020 due to the death of the Flash plugin. They wanted to take this opportunity to create a new platform, “Broadcaster” that would pick up where Webcaster left off… bringing the latest in technology and performance to their clients.

The roadmap was going to spread over several years for this rollout. It required a deep dive into not just Webcaster, but all the other software offerings the company has. It was decided to launch the new 2020 platform as a comprehensive suite of tools - all working together, under a revamped and updated MediaPlatform corporate brand.

To accomplish this, we did several audits of the current technology and how customers were using it. We also analyzed the competition - how did MediaPlatform stack up? Our overall conclusions led us to place greatest emphasis on security, and ease of use. With each challenge, we would look at how the customers used the platform and how we could make their tasks, easier, more streamlined, and pleasurable to undertake.

Using Material Design as the basis for our interface, we created a product suite that supported a brand that was colorful, bright, and optimistic. The product itself is cutting edge, with real-time animated (mobile friendly) interactions from producers to audiences - all securely delivered. Users were delighted at how simple it was for them to create and manage their webcasts.