Rave Controller


Zodiac Aerospace


Apr, 2019





Rave Controller

​​When you’re going to the world’s largest aerospace tradeshow, you pull out all the stops.

Zodiac Aerospace is one of the exhibitors in the yearly aerospace tradeshow in Hamburg Germany. Each year, they roll out new features and design concepts for their industry. This year was no exception.

The tradeshow is a space for highlighting not only the great work that Zodiac Aerospace already has, but to showcase the future. To that end, we spent time future-scaping and imagining what air-travel will one day become. Working within existing technological restrictions, we laid out how travelers could one day control their seat and cabin space. We identified core desires and pain-points currently experienced by travelers and conceived of how we might make their flight more enjoyable.

As part of the overall tradeshow display, we designed an interactive seat controller to be demonstrated in an immersive cabin experience. The interface was high-end and showcased the luxury features available in the premium cabins with an easy to use touch interface. Users could control seat positioning, temperature, lighting, do not disturb status, flight information, entertainment and get a flight attendants assistance as desired. All at the touch of a button.