TiVo Set Top Box




Jul, 2015






TiVo Set Top Box

With users demanding more and more from their cable companies, TiVo was in prime positioning to take it’s set box to the next level.

Technology is fast paced, and needing to stay on top of customer expectations is of great value to TiVo. To that end they wanted to explore a new interface paradigm… how far could they push current technology and stand out for their user base.

Working with Blacklight Design, we spent time evaluating the competition, and how TiVo matched up against them. Identifying areas of strength and opportunity were key to planning how we could make their platform even more enjoyable for customers to use.

We created site maps and user flows to determine how quickly we could enable customers to find and interact with content, then we proceeded to map out a demo to test our theories against focus groups and key stake holders as a proof of concept.

A functioning prototype was built utilizing flash that was programmed to match up with a remote controller for a large video screen. The interface was animated, including the TiVo logo character - who would ‘hop’ from one screen to the next as a user thumbed through programming and videos. The entire experience was centered around creating a 3 way axis for navigation… the z axis became a way to move between parent and child content… while x and y allowed users to navigate siblings and internal menus. It was a bold break from typical set box interfaces.